A Dentist Recommends Proper Care for Dentures

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Dentures are dentistry's answer to missing teeth, but it's important to care for them properly so that they function at their best. You have to clean them and store them properly if you want to keep them in good condition. Let's take a closer look at some of the top tips to care for them. 

Tips for proper care 

Proper oral hygiene is a must, but it may look a little different than it did when you had natural teeth. These simple tips are sure to help you. Here is a general rundown of some of the top care tips to keep in mind. 


If dentures are not stored properly, they can warp and become difficult to wear. To help avoid this, store them in a properly sized container that they fit down into completely. Take care not to let the sides stick out, or else they will slowly start to bend and lose their shape over time.  

Proper dry time 

Keep in mind; dentures need adequate dry time after brushing them. You'll want to be sure that you place them in a safe location while they dry so that they don't get knocked off or damaged in some way. 

Handle with care

Dentures are durable but should still be handled with care. Be mindful of how you handle them as you take them out and while cleaning them. Even when they aren't in your mouth, they still should be handled gently and with your full attention. Make it a habit to clean them when you can focus completely on the task at hand. 

Keep moist

Most dentures should be soaked overnight in order to help them stay moist. The moisture is what allows them to keep their shape and fit properly.

Rinse completely

Some of the solutions that people choose to soak with are actually made with chemicals that should never be ingested. Make sure to completely rinse your dentures before placing them inside your mouth. 

Remove them before cleaning

It may be tempting to brush your dentures as you would your regular teeth, but it's important to remove them first. This will help you avoid any accidents.

Have regular dental checks

Part of proper denture care means seeing your dentist regularly. They can help make sure that you're taking care of them properly and can help you in the event that you have a loose fit. 

Why proper care matters

There are a few key considerations when it comes to the proper care of dentures. First, you want to care for them so that they last for a long time. It's not cheap to have them replaced. It's critical to properly clean them because it helps reduce bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria can impact your gums or any other existing teeth you may have. Taking the time to store, clean, and be mindful will go a long way in preserving your dentures well into the future. 

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